Monday, October 12, 2009

Boot From USB Device

In earlier post, I explained how to make bootable USB drive of windows xp,vista,windows 7. Now, I am explaining how to boot from a bootable USB device. Once you got bootable USB device, next process is very easy.
You have to follow following steps :

1) Enter into BIOS by entering f2/del/f10 (as per set by your computer/motherboard manufacturer.) immediately after starting your computer/laptop.
2) Change BIOS boot order and List USB option first. By default, Optical Drive is listed first.
3) Attach bootable USB device to your computer and restart computer.
4) A message asking 'press any key to boot from external device' is prompted. Otherwise BOIS directly start to boot from device.
5) By following instructions given on screen, you can boot your computer. This step is similar to boot from CD/DVD.

how to make bootable USB drive