Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to Make Bootable USB Drive

In our earlier posts, we discuss data recovery and some of free data recovery tools.
In this document, I am explaining how to make bootable USB drive to boot any Operating System. Many computer come without optical drive or in some computer optical drive is not accessible.
So, boot from USB is good option. There are many tools that help in making bootable USB drive but here I am explaining an easy process that is not required any third party software. To make bootable USB drive, we need following :
1) A USB drive ---------- 512 mb for windows xp.
4 gb for windows vista.
4/8 gb for windows 7.
2) A pc with optical drive
Image of bootable OS cd/dvd
Once, you fulfil all the needs, just follow following easy steps.
1) Insert USb drive into one of USB port.
2) Right click onUSB drive icon in 'My Computer' and then choose 'Format...'
3) Set File System to NTFS and press 'start' button to start format.
4) Right click command prompt icon in 'start' menu and then choose 'run as administrator'
5) To start diskpart program, type 'diskpart' in command prompt.
6) To view Drives (disk drives and devices withremovable storage) type 'list volume'
7) Find out device number of your USB device and then type 'select volume <//device>'
8) Type 'exit' to close diskpart utility.
Now, we need bootsect.exe utility. It is present in boot folder in windows setup disk.
Copy this folder to C drive.
9) Type 'cd :\boot\' to open respective folder.
9) Now to create bootable USB device, type 'bootsect/nt60<//drive>:'
10) Now, copy all files from xp/vista/windows 7 setup cd/dvd to USB drive.
11) That's All.
How to boot From USB Devices