Sunday, November 29, 2009

Visual Setting : Improve Performance of Computer

In my post- 'Virtual Memory : Way to Speedup Your Computer', I explained paging file mechanism to speed up my computer. In this post, I will explain how to increase computer performance by enabling and disabling some windows inbuilt options.
          Windows Performance can be increased by

  • 1) Changing Visual Setting
  • 2) Changing File and Folder Setting
  • 3) Changing Startup items
In this post, I will explain Visual setting and some upcoming posts, i will explain other two points.
Mostly,  changing this options does not affect your computer or your needs but increase performance of your computer tremendously.

1) Changing Visual Setting :

In Windows xp and especially vista and windows 7, there are so many visual elements e.g. Glass effect, aero experiencce etc. etc. .which slows down your computer. You can change all or some of them as your requirement. You have to follow just following easy steps to do this :
1) Right click on 'computer' icon and select 'properties'. 2) From Right Panel, select 'advanced system settings'

3) From 'advanced' tab select performance and then press 'setting' 3) Now Slect 'visual setting'  tab. 4) You can choose 'adjust for best performance'. It will give you best performance but will least appearence. If you want some visual effect then you can choose 'custom'. 5) Now, as shown in image, You can selecting or rejecting (removing tick) an option, you can keep just those settings that you want as well as some increase in performance also. 6) After all setting completed, select 'apply' button and then 'OK'. That's all guys!!! For more tricks and tips please visit