Sunday, December 13, 2009

Improve Performance of Computer : Start up Programs

In my 'Improve performance of computer', I explained Visual Settings, Folder Settings and Virtual Memory to Increase or improve Performance of computer. Now, I am explaining Start up Programs to improve performance of computer.

There are so many programs that are started on power up your computer which are results in your computer slows down on start up and almost everybody is facing 'slow start up' problem. Although, Procedure to overcome this problem is simplest as per my understandings. You just follow steps given below and your pc will start up in seconds.

1) Click on 'Start' Button on your Taskbar.

2) Windows Vista/ Windows 7 user should Type 'msconfig' in SearchBox. Then Select Program named 'msconfig'. Windows XP users should Open 'run dialog box' and then type 'msconfig' in 'Run Dialog Box'


3)Select 'Start up' tab from 'tab bar'.

4) now, you can see programs that starts on start up of your computer. Deselect unwanted ones and click on 'OK' button. That's All!!!!!!!!!!

Now, performance of your computer definitely improve