Saturday, May 29, 2010

Windows 7 like Taskbar in XP, Vista

Windows 7 like taskbar in xp

Windows 7 like taskbar in vista

Except Windows 7, all other versions of windows including windows 2000, windows xp and windows vista shows taskbar icon with text. But, windows 7 uses taskbar shows only icon of application. It saves space on taskbar and you save space on your taskbar too. You can easily get windows 7 like taskbar icon on previous versions of windows.
Here are simple steps to do this :

IF you are Novice or don't have to read full article then just Download registry file Here and then double click on it after extracing and 'log off' and 'log on' your pc. That's it guys!!!!  Or Follow Following Steps :::
To set

Windows 7 like taskbar in xp

Windows 7 like taskbar in vista

here is the trick :::
1) Type 'regedit' into 'run' dialog box and press 'OK'. This will open registry editor if you have administrative privilage.

2) Choose 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' FROM left panel of registry editor.

3) choose subkey 'Control Panel/Desktop/Windows Metrices'.

4) Now, from right side panel, Right click and then select 'new' and then 'String Value'.

5) Rename this value to 'MinWidth'. Right click on 'MinWidth' and select 'modify'. Set value to -255.

6) Now, close the registry editor and log off or restart your computer.
7) You will find out that your taskbar has windows 7 like icons.

In windows 7, height of taskbar is large than earlier windows. If you want this effect, then just right click on your taskbar and deselect 'lock taskbar'. Now, Increase the taskbar size by pressing and dragging your mouse at upper end of taskbar. Now, Again right click on taskbar and add new toolbar 'quick launch'. Now, right click in 'quick luanch pane' and select 'view' and then select 'large icons'.
Now you have

windows 7 like taskbar in xp,vista