Saturday, July 31, 2010

Google : Im Feeling Lucky Tricks

Im Feeling Lucky Tricks :

Pacman, French Military Victories, Chak Norris, Ester’s Egg and Other Im Feeling Lucky Tricks.

Friendzzz, This is my second art explaining Google’s “Im feeling Lucky”. In my 1st art, i explained some”Im feeling Lucky” facts. Now, I am explaining some Funny and interesting tricks for Im feeling lucky.
I will start with most famous Im Feeling Lucky tricks :

Im Feeling Lucky

Im Feeling Lucky

Yes, Im Feeling Lucky!!!! And are you friendzzz ????
This is my first art from Tech Geek. And Obviously i choose Web giant Google(again!!!).
Do you visit Google ever ? Yes, this is a non sense question. Might be you come to this article via Google. Google shares 66% of total search volume all over the world.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hack Orkut : Orkut Hack Tricks by JavaScript (Cookie Stealing)

Orkut Hack Tricks
Do you receive any message/scraps which is advertising "cool/hot Orkut theme" ? Do you click on that link to change your Orkut theme ? Or Do you receive any message saying "Free Mobile Recharge" ? Do you click on that link ? If your answer is “yes” then you are victim of Orkut Hack Tricks.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hack Orkut : Orkut Hack Tricks by Phishing

Hi, Guys. This is my second art from my series how to Orkut Hack Tricks. In my first article, i explained how to Orkut Hack Tricks using key logger. In this article, I am explaining how to use Orkut Hack Tricks with Phisher.

Hack Orkut : Orkut Hack Tricks by KeyLogging

Orkut Hack Tricks by KeyLogging

Hi guys, Here is first art from “Art of Hacking” about Orkut Hack Tricks. It explain Orkut Hack Tricks using Key logger. Key logger is one of the easiest orkut hack tricks. First I will explain what is a key logger in brief and then explain how to apply hack orkut by using key logger.

Orkut Hacking : Top Orkut Hack Tricks

Orkut Hack Tricks

In social n/w era, Orkut Hack Tricks are most demanded in netizens.Few days ago, one of my friend was orkutting and suddenly he found that so many scraps and photos were deleted from his account. He shocked and decided to monitor own orkut account. So, he monitored his Orkut Account for one week and found that someone was deleting data continuously.
Yes, he is victim of Orkut Hack Tricks.