Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hack Orkut : Orkut Hack Tricks by KeyLogging

Orkut Hack Tricks by KeyLogging

Hi guys, Here is first art from “Art of Hacking” about Orkut Hack Tricks. It explain Orkut Hack Tricks using Key logger. Key logger is one of the easiest orkut hack tricks. First I will explain what is a key logger in brief and then explain how to apply hack orkut by using key logger.

Key Logger

Key logger is s/w which tracks key strokes you made on your key board. Day by day technology is developing and today key loggers come with following features in addition to basic key logging feature :

1) Hidden Mode : Not visible in task manager or program files or programs.

2) Auto email : Automatically Send emails to  hackers email address.

3) Undetectable by Anti virus s/w.

One can easily apply hack orkut by using key logger if he/she has access to victims machine. Although, remote orkut hacking is possible in case of key loggers, I will explain it later.

Hack Orkut

Now steps for Orkut Hack Tricks using key logger :

1) Download free Key logger
Password : ArtofHacking

2) Installs it on victims machine.

Now Perform Following Steps :

i) Select What log items should be included in your email.

I suggest that check only keystroke typed, website visited and program visited but do not check screen shots as it increases your email attachments and size of email.
ii) Now, set time in minute to receive email, your email and email subject. Also set account name and password for key logger account.

iii) Now, Set Visibility setting as per your requirement. Mostly you should hide everything to make it FUD (Fully Undetectable).

3) Now, Your Key logger is ready to apply orkut hack tricks account of victim. Just connect to internet from your machine or from net cafe and check your inbox. You will get mail which have log about victims activity and when victim log in to orkut using his/her machine, you will get his user name and password and you will be successful in orkut hack tricks.

Hey guys, if you have any question about"Hack Orkut : Orkut Hack Tricks by Key Logging" just mention in comments and i will come with answer.