Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hack Orkut : Orkut Hack Tricks by Phishing

Hi, Guys. This is my second art from my series how to Orkut Hack Tricks. In my first article, i explained how to Orkut Hack Tricks using key logger. In this article, I am explaining how to use Orkut Hack Tricks with Phisher.
This article is basically about how to create Orkut phishing web site. Once you have your own Orkut phisher site, you can easily apply Orkut tricks(trust me, it is not really easy!!!).
 Prerequisites for this Orkut Hack Tricks :
i) Orkut Phisher
ii) An account to free web hosting site.

Steps For this Orkut Hack Tricks :

1) Download Orkut Phisher here which is already created by hackingartist.
Password : ArtofHacking

2) Create an account to any free web hosting site. Your site name should be analogous to "Orkut". e.g. Orrkut,Okrut etc.
Here is a list of some free web hosting sites :

i) 110mb
ii) webs

3) Upload following files to same directory in your web server
i) hackingartist.php
ii) hackingartist.txt

4) Now open "ServiceLogin.htm" and search for (ctrl+f) "hackingartist". You will find something like this :

5) Replace URL( by URL of php file(hackingartist.php) you just uploaded to free web server and save.

6) Now, Upload this php file to your free web server in same directory.

Congratulation!!! Now, you have your own Orkut Phisher.

7) Now create an email account with user name similar to Orkut admin, orkutadmin,orkut notification etc.

8) Send email to victim from this account with subject like "Malicious activity is being observed to your Orkut account","Orkut Notification", or "***** wants to be friend of you". And attach link of your own Orkut Phisher at the end.

9) Now, when victim click the link, he will see your Orkut phisher and he will enter user name and password. This user name and password will be saved to hackingartist.txt.

So, You have hacked Orkut account of victim using this Orkut Hack Tricks. Enjoy the trick guys.