Saturday, July 31, 2010

Google : Im Feeling Lucky Tricks

Im Feeling Lucky Tricks :

Pacman, French Military Victories, Chak Norris, Ester’s Egg and Other Im Feeling Lucky Tricks.

Friendzzz, This is my second art explaining Google’s “Im feeling Lucky”. In my 1st art, i explained some”Im feeling Lucky” facts. Now, I am explaining some Funny and interesting tricks for Im feeling lucky.
I will start with most famous Im Feeling Lucky tricks :

1) Google Pacman Im feeling Lucky :

Im feeling Lucky tricks
If you type “Google pacman” and hit “im feeling lucky” then instead of “Doodle”(Google Logo), you will find Pacman Game created by Google. Click on “Insert Coin” (which is at place of Im feeling lucky button) button and you can play 1 player pacman. Double click to play 2 player version of same game.
Google replaced doodle by Pacman Game on its 30th anniversary.

2) French Military Victories Im Feeling Lucky:

If you type “French Military Victories” and hit “im feeling lucky” button then Google shows “No Result” and ask “Do you Mean French Military Defeats ?”
Which suggest that French never won in battles ever.

3) Chak Norris Im feeling Lucky :

Type “Find chak norris” and hit “Im feeling Lucky”. You will get very interesting result.

4) Google Easter Eggs Im Feeling Lucky :

Type “Google Easter Eggs” and hit “Im feeling Lucky”, You will find a special Google Game especially for you.
5) Type “Early Google” and hit “Im feeling lucky”, you will get Google History Milestones.
6) Type “elgoog”(Mirrored Google), and you will find some interesting results.

7) Google Heart Page :

Type “Google Heart Page” and hit”Im feeling lucky”, and play with your heart.

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Hey, if you know more Google or Im feeling Luck tricks then mention it in comments……you are always welcome.