Saturday, July 10, 2010

Orkut Hacking : Top Orkut Hack Tricks

Orkut Hack Tricks

In social n/w era, Orkut Hack Tricks are most demanded in netizens.Few days ago, one of my friend was orkutting and suddenly he found that so many scraps and photos were deleted from his account. He shocked and decided to monitor own orkut account. So, he monitored his Orkut Account for one week and found that someone was deleting data continuously.
Yes, he is victim of Orkut Hack Tricks.
As everyone knows, Orkut is social networking site from web giant Google. Irrespective of many security measures, pros can easily hack orkut account of dummies. So, In this article, i am explaining how Orkut Hacking takes place and how to prevent Orkut Hack Tricks.
Basically, there are three ways by which one can hack orkut account of victim.
Types of Orkut Hack Tricks :
1) Orkut Hack Tricks by Java Script Hacking-Cookie Stealing :
2) Orkut Hack Tricks by Key Logging :
3) Orkut Hack Tricks by Phishing :
4) Orkut Hack Tricks by Google Account Hack(Only in case of Google Account)

Orkut Hack Tricks by Java Script-Cookie Stealing :

Do you receive any message quoting "Hot Orkut theme" or "Free Mobile Recharge" ? Do you click on any such message ? If your answer is yes then you are victim of Orkut Hack Tricks . This is most used orkut hack tricks nowdays. When you click on such link, Orkut cookie is stolen from your browser and in turn you become victim of orkut hack tricks.
Click here for complete tutorial for Orkut Hack tricks by Java Script hacking

Orkut Hack Tricks by Key logging

Key logging is easier way of orkut hacking than phishing if you have access to victims machine.If you thought your boyfriend/girlfriend/hubby is cheating with you,you can easily hack by using a good key logger.

Key Logger:

Key logger is s/w which tracks key strokes you made on your key board. Day by day technology is developing and today key loggers come with following features in addition to basic key logging feature :
1) Hidden Mode : Not visible in task manager or program files or programs.
2) Auto email : Automatically Send emails to  hackers email address.
3) Undetectable by Anti virus s/w.
Here is in depth and easy tutorial for orkut Hack Tricks by using key logging.

Orkut Hack Tricks by Phishing :

Phishing is yet another Orkut Hack Tricks. You can perform Orkut Hack Tricks even though you do not have direct access to victims machine. i.e. remote hacking. In better words, phishing is not hacking but it is tricking victim to gain his/her user name and password. The basic requirement for orkut phishing is orkut phisher and anonymous email client.
You can download Orkut phisher & email sender here  and after following instructions thoroughly, you can hack orkut(although it is not easy as key logging, i think it is best way to hack orkut).

Orkut hack Tricks by Google account hack

It is quite different way of orkut hack tricks. As everyone know,every orkut account require a email address as user name. You can use either email address from Google(Gmail) address or email address from any third third party email client (e.g. Yahoo,Hot mail etc). So, if you hacked gmail account, that mean you hacked orkut account too.
I will shortly come with article to explain how to hack orkut using Google account hack.
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