Saturday, July 27, 2013

Useful Sony Xperia Tricks and Tips

3 Useful Sony Xperia Tricks and Tips
Sony launches its flagship Xperia series to compete with Samsung's highly successful Galaxy series. From its launch Sony Xperia made remarkable presence in market. Here, I am writing some useful Sony Xperia Tricks and Tips. Sony Xperia Tips and Tricks includes Screen Capture, Battery Saver, USB tethering and other Sony Xperia tricks and tips.

Xperia Tricks and Tips

Sony Xperia Tips : Screen Capture

Most of Xperia devices are running on Android 4.1 (Jelly bean) on-wards. In android devices later 4.1, screen capture is quite simple. In Sony Xperia phones, you need to press power and Volume down button simultaneously to capture screen.  Only thing is, you need to to press both buttons simultaneously. Use this simple Sony Xperia Tips and tricks and capture screenshots in your Sony Xperia Smart phones.

Sony Xperia Tips and Tricks : Screen Capture 1Sony Xperia Tips and Tricks : Screen Capture 2

Sony Xperia Tips : Battery management

Unlike old generations phones, Android Smart phones make extensive use of battery which result in frequent charging. Due overcome this to some extend, Sony Xperia Smart phones come with pre-configured Power Management. You can increase battery life by checking "Extended Standby Mode" check box. Sony Xperia Power Management shows power consumed by each app (cool, right ? ). By using this Sony Xperia tricks and tips, you can check which app is hogging power. It will be helpful to increase battery backup.

Sony Xperia Tips : USB Tethering

Sony Xperia phones are Wi-Fi enabled and they provide option to access phone data connection on your laptop/other devices through wireless tethering. But, wireless tethering will consume battery heavily and you need to charge your xperia again and again. Wi-Fi tethering is not secure as well. To avoid these issues, you can use USB tethering option available. If you follow this Sony Xperia tips and tricks, you will be able to use phone data connection on laptop while charging your Xperia through USB connection. And, it is more secure as well. Rock on!!!

If you are aware on more Sony Xperia Tips and Tricks, please mention them in comments.