Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7 Must Have Xperia Small Apps

7 Must Have Xperia Small Apps
In my previous post about Xperia Small Apps, I explained how Xperia Small Apps work and How to use Xperia Small Apps. Here I am listing 7 must have xperia small apps for a Sony Xperia users.

Xperia Small Apps

Xperia Small Apps : Small Calculator

One of the In house Small Apps from Sony Mobile. You can use this Small Apps to do basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Xperia Small Apps : Small Notes

Another small apps from Sony Mobile. In this small apps, you can have look at all your notes as well as audio recordings. You can create new once as well. Swipe right/left to navigate between notes.

A  Geeks Way :  Xperia Small Apps : Small Notes

Xperia Small Apps : Timer

It is count down timer in which you can perform operation like setting count down timer in hours and minutes. But, you can not set in seconds like 30 seconds. You can Stop (actually it is Pause operation) and resume timer. When timer reaches 0, tone will rang.

Xperia Small Apps : Recorder

A very small utility application in which you can record your voice etc. And this application does not support pause operation.

A  Geeks Way :  Xperia Small Apps : TimerA  Geeks Way :  Xperia Small Apps : Recorder

Xperia Small Apps : Mirror

This is nothing but a utility app which uses your front camera. You can use this Small Apps which saves your work of opening camera application, then activating front camera etc. You can use this Small Apps with only those phones which have front camera.

Xperia Small Apps : Camera

It is another Camera based Small Apps like mirror. but, it has more features. You can change size of this Small Apps using button on bottom-right corner. You can zoom in/zoom out easily. This Small Apps come with handy features like Setting Shooting mode (Camera/Video), Camera (Font/Rear), Flash (Auto/Off/Redd Eye Reduction), Resolution, Data Storage (Internal/SD Card), Color Effects, Focus Mode, White Balance, Anti Banding and Scenes.

A  Geeks Way :  Xperia Small Apps : MirrorA  Geeks Way :  Xperia Small Apps : Camera

Xperia Small Apps : Smart key

Well, you can not launch this app from Small Apps bar. But, you need to launch it as normal app. i.e. from App Store. This is a very useful utility which provides complete control over headphone button. Most headphones come with single button which is mostly used to receive/end calls. This utility allow you to set different tasks for Single click, double click and triple click of headphone button. This Small Apps works in three formats : Music, Call and Idle. 

A  Geeks Way :  Xperia Small Apps : Smart key

 Use Sony Xperia Small Apps and take complete control of your smart phones.