Sunday, July 28, 2013

Useful and Funny Google Searches : Events, Movies and more

Useful and Funny Google Searches : Events, Movies and more
Google started business as Search Engine. Day by day, it added more and more products to its kitty. In last decade, Google Search changed in many perspectives. And next focus area for Google Search is Local Search. Here, I am listing out some useful and sometimes funny Google searches.

Useful and Funny Google Searches

I will start with Some useful, yet funny Google Searches related with City. After that i will enlist funny Google searches related with countries.

Useful and Funny Google Searches : City

Do you want to watch movie ? But, Do not know which movies are screening in city ? No problems. Search “<City_Name> movies”. e.g. “newyork movies”. And, Movies screening in New York will appear on screen with show timings.
Search Google with “<City_Name> events” and a horizontal strip will appear showing events for next few days.

Are you planning to visit a new city ? Do you not aware current weather conditions ? Search Google with “<City_Name> Weather”. You will get detailed weather report with humidity, rains, temperature and wind. You can use temperature as well instead of Weather if you like to type lengthy words ;) .
Are you planning to fly ? Search Google with “<Start_Location>_<End_Location> flights”.  e.g. “newyork dallas flights”.
Search Google with “<City_Name> time” to know current time in particular city.

Useful and Funny Google Searches : Country

Search Google with “<Country_Name> time”. If there are multiple time zones, Google will show all them at one space.
Search Google with “<Country_Name> Area” to know area.
Search Google with “<Country_Name> Population” to know population.
Search Google with “<Country_Name> Currency” to know Currency used.
Language/Official Language
Search Google with “<Country_Name> Language” to know official languages of that countries.
Search Google with “<Country_Name> map” to see national map.

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