Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Xperia Small Apps : Small things can make a big difference

Xperia Small Apps : Small things can make a big difference
In my previous post - 3 Useful Sony Xperia Tips and Tricks, I summarized some useful Sony Xperia tips and tricks. Here, I am writing on Xperia Small Apps - a very useful and handy feature every android phone should have.

What are Small Apps

Small Apps are widget-like apps. They take small portion of your screen. Mostly, Small Apps are dedicated to a specific task. Unlike widget, Xperia Small Apps perform tasks right from your home-screen.

a geeks way - xperia small apps 2

Are Small Apps visible all time

Yes, Small apps are visible all times. Even if you are using another application, still you can use small apps. Refer second screenshot above. Sometimes, it can be irritating. But, you always have option to minimize Xperia Small Apps.

How to Download Small Apps 

If you are using android 4.1 Jelly Bean, then there is high possibility that your phone has few Small Apps.
You download them from Google Play.

To download Small Apps

  • Long press Home Key.
  • At bottom of screen, a list will appear containing small apps installed.
  • Tab on Plus icon present on extreme right of list.
  • Select Play Store.
  • Download your favorite Small Apps from list.

How To Open Small Apps

To open Small apps

  • Long Press Home Key
  • A list will appear containing small apps installed on your phone at bottom of your screen.
  • Select your Small App.
Remember Murphy's law : You can use Only one of Small Apps at a time.

How To Move/Close/Minimize Small Apps

To move Small Apps

  • Long press on Small App name.
  • Drag and drop to desired position.

To close Small Apps, click on close icon besides Small app name.
To minimize Small Apps, bring it to right edge of your phone.

Can I use Small Apps on non Xperia Devices

Small Apps are Xperia specific feature. But, yes your could have Small Apps if it supports Small App Extension. If you are using Stock Android ROM, then it is quite difficult. But, custom Android ROMs like CynanogenMod 9, 10, Paranoid Android 2.55 already support Small Apps.
Tip : Using Custom ROMs may violate your phone warranty. 

Some Useful Small Apps

Small Torch : Consists of a button to on/off LED flash.
Slider Control : Shows controls for brightness, ringtone etc
Recorder : Consist of a button to record audio.

I listed must 7 must have  xperia small apps here.

Let me know useful small apps which are not listed here.