Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features
Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy S4 in April, 2013 with amazing features. It is making a lot of buzz worldwide. Samsung successfully compete with iPhone in Smart phone market with the help of Google's Android OS. Latest Samsung flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 features are best in Industry.
It successfully compete with  iPhone 5 worldwide. In this article, I am enlisting most amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 features that make you crazy for this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 is feature rich phone. It has innovative features like Air Gesture, Smart Pause, Dual Shot and many more. Lets have a look at Samsung Galaxy S4 features one by one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features : Smart Pause

It is one of the most discussed Samsung Galaxy S4 features. Even, Samsung Galaxy S4 commercials highlight this feature. Whenever you look away while watching video on Samsung Galaxy S4, video will pause. Most interesting part is, your video will resume as soon as you look back at your screen. Impress your friends with this amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 features.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features : Air Gesture

Are you Checking out photos in albums ? Now, You do not need to touch phone for next/previous photos. With your Samsung Galaxy S4, just wave your hand in either direction. Samsung Galaxy S4 features - Air gesture will do rest for you. You can use Air gesture to accept/reject call, in App Drawer and Albums.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features : Air gasture

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features : Dual Shot

Most Smart phones come with two cameras. Rear camera is primary and you can use it to capture life moments while front camera is used to video calls/chats. But, you can use only one at a time - either front or rear. But, this is not true in case of Samsung Galaxy S4 features - Dual Shot. Yes, you can use both cameras - front and rear simultaneously. And, after capturing both shots, Samsung Galaxy S4 will give you merged pic. You have customization option as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features : Dual Shot

Samsung galaxy S4 Features : Sound and Shot

Now, you can record audio with Photos, isn't it amazing ? Now, store precious moments of your life with Sound with this Samsung Galaxy S4 features.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features : Sound and Shot

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features : Amazing Display

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with amazing Display. Its full HD, Super AMOLED display has 441 pixels per inch (ppi). Which result in Stunning HD display. This display build with Gorilla Glass 3 which promises durability to end users.

Have fun and impress others with these Samsung Galaxy S4 features which make it a truly life companion. If I missed any, mention it in comment.

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