Monday, August 12, 2013

Get Annoyed with TV Style Facebook Commercial Breaks : Facebook Video Ads

Facebook is planning to have TV Style Facebook Commercial breaks in form of video Facebook video ads. World's biggest social networking site - Facebook is launched in 2004. It took 3-4 years for them to commercialize social networking portal.
But, now, it seems that Facebook wanted to fulfill 3 years of backlog. a internet giant, who is making billions of dollars through advertising wanted to add some more millions to its kitty. Few months back, Facebook added Sponsored stories to user news feed which is minor intrusion to user space. But, considering negligible protest from users, Facebook is now considering to take a step forward. And, now they are planning to have TV Style Facebook commercial breaks. These breaks will in form of Facebook video ads.
Though, there is no official word on this from Facebook Inc, it is widespread rumors in industry that Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg and colleagues are working on implementation details.

TV Style Facebook Commercial Breaks - Facebook Video Ads

How will TV Style Facebook Commercial breaks will work

Few months back, Google introduced commercial videos on YouTube, its video portal. These video commercials can not be skipped. Now, Facebook planning to have commercial video ads as well. Every Facebook user will see maximum of three Facebook commercial breaks while using social networking websites. These Facebook video ads will be 15 seconds of length.

How much Facebook will earn from TV Style Facebook Video Ads

According to reports in media, Facebook will be charging 1 million to 2.4 million dollars for each day for each of Facebook video ads according to target audience i.e. Facebook users. Hence, Facebook will earn roughly $550 millions through TV Style Facebook commercial breaks.

How will be reception to TV Style Facebook Commercial Breaks

For every Facebook feature, there was non acceptance in early days, but later, user used to it. Even intrusive features like Sponsored stories accepted by users over the time. But, it might not be case this time. Sponsored stories did not impacted user experience, TV Style Facebook commercial breaks will do. And, hence, there can be wide spread protest from users for Facebook video ads.
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